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About Framing the World

Paul Wittenberger, an innovative filmmaker, artist, and activist, was born in Michigan before spending his early childhood in the war-torn west-African nation of Liberia. After completing his early education upon his return to the States, Paul, pursuing his interests, studied film at the renowned Full Sail University. His unique upbringing in the West African culture gave Paul a fresh and distinctive perspective; this is portrayed in every aspect of his art.

In early 2010 Paul partnered with G. Edward Griffin to produce a ground-breaking documentary to bring the subject of geothermal engineering (better known as "chemtrails") to the forefront. What in the World are They Spraying? followed in the fall of 2010, rising to great success and equal controversy. Paul's second feature-length documentary, released in 2012, was The Great Culling: Our Water.


After that, Paul partnered with Steven Anderson to produce five back-to-back films: After the Tribulation, New World Order Bible Versions, Marching to Zion, Babylon USA, and Beyond Jordan. In these films, Paul shows his uncanny ability to present timeless Biblical truths in a way that feels ground-breaking and applicable to our present day.


In late 2015, he recently produced what many consider his best work yet, Fluoride: Poison on Tap. Like The Great Culling: Our Water, it deals with the subject of water fluoridation and its health effects.

Paul currently resides in the Phoenix area, where he continues to make documentaries surrounding the vital issues of our generation, in addition to educating the public on the New World Order deception.

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Paul Wittenberger
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